Coeval Technology

Automatic Rolling Shutter

Coeval Technology is a Leading Automation Company in Bangladesh. We have a great experience and expertise in the sector of automatic rolling shutter in Bangladesh. An automatic rolling shutter is a part of the Home Automation System. Almost seventy percent of motorized and remote control shutters are manufactured and installed by Coeval Technology. We supply the best quality and heavy-duty motorized rolling Shutter for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We customized the Automatic Rolling Shutter system for any critical situation and requirement. The heavy-duty shutter motor is imported from renowned shutter motor manufacturers in Italy & China. We supply automatic shutters at both wholesale and retail prices.

Steel Automatic Shutter

Steel shutter is the most common automatic rolling shutter market. It is made from galvanized steel sheet profile. it is popular for its effective characteristic which is strong, durable and highly secure, and cost-effective.

Features :

  • Strong
  • High security
  • Cost-effective
  • Widely Used

Automatic Grill Rolling Shutter :

Automatic Grill Rolling Shutter is allow full ventilation with clear Visitation. Grill Type Rolling Shutters are highly effective for residential and commercial use and also ensure full Security. We do supply automatic Grill rolling shutter very professional way.

Automatic Tube Shutter :

Automatic tube shutter is the best choice for parking door selection depending on your building size and design. we have available SS and MS tube shutter doors.

Automatic Rolling Acrylic / Transparent/ poly-carbonate shutter :

  • Security with Transparency
  • Low weight
  • Very smooth operation
  • Suitable for open balcony
  • Can be used in window area
Double Height Industrial Automatic Shutter :

Aluminum Automatic Rolling Shutter :

Aluminum Rolling Shutter with the superior solution for maximum security combined with stylish good looks. Coeval Technology presents its wide range of aluminum rolling shutters. Constructed from interlocking aluminum slats with an integrated bottom rail, the shutters provide trouble-free operation. Designed with extruded aluminum section & fabricated using superior grade aluminum, these roller shutters are light in weight, corrosion-free, and give a good aesthetic appearance. Our aluminum shutters are all manufactured to suit your exact requirements and efficiently provide protection against adverse weather conditions.