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Automatic Rolling Shutter System

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Automatic Sensor Sliding Door

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Automatic Steel Sliding Gate

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Automatic Curtain System

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Automatic Steel Swing Gate

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Parking Management System

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Automatic Collapsible Gate

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Automatic Tripod Barrier

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Full Height Turnstile Barrier

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Addressable Fire Detection

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Fire Protection System

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Lightening Protection System(LPS)

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Short information Coeval Technology


Coeval Technology is a leading Automation company in Bangladesh. We do supply & service all kinds of  Automatic Gate, Automatic Sensor Door, Automatic Rolling Shutter, Automatic Curtain, Automatic Stage Curtain, Parking management system, Car Parking Barrier, Bugler Alarm system, all kinds of safety and security solution. We also work with fire detection & protection system which is mandatory to high rise residential & commercial Building and all Industrial sector.


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